Saturday, February 7, 2009

sharon and McKay

Today through the help of a loving Granddaughter I'm am now one step closer into the space age of blogging..I truly feel blessed with the love and support of all my family, I always know they are there. Last week Tyler helped me find the name through the computer of a women's name that I need for my lesson number 27 on apostasy.. They are releasing me so this will be the last lesson I teach, it has been good but hard because I have had to learn the art of studying, outline writing and putting them to good use.
Grandpa and I have been making wooden keys to hold keys as a hand out for my relief society lesson. When cutting them out the band saw gave up the ghost, so I was using the sabre saw for all the rough cuts and Grandpa was on the scroll saw, the blade broke so we ran down to get new blades and bought some with a pin in the end which had to be removed, tried pulling them with a pair of wire cutters didn't work, I was inspired to take it to the vise close it only big enough for the pin to fall through and wack it with a hammer, pop out it came. Then we started the sanding process I broke the belt so back to the store. I found two drawers full of sand paper , large sanding beltsbut no small sanding belts. I told JoAnn there was enough sandpaper to last our Grandchildren through there life time, she said "she didn't know as Bradley had sure used a lot of it getting his car ready to paint." We were putting the belt on and somehow Grandpa got tangled up in the vaccuum hose his wheel chair jumped forward half way folded up the saw horse and I grabbed but couldn't hold lumber, vice, sander and arbor press, lost the sander on the floor but saved everything else, really scarry when he starts jumping his machine around, making sure you are not in it's way and he doesn't get hurt. Then I used a wood burner and put 12 + majority on them, then put one coat of spray finish on them and three cup hooks to hold the keys with, to represent the Prophet and his two counsilors, the 12 is for the 12 apostles and majority for the faithful majority of saints.
Grandpa loves it when I'm out in the garage with him and I believe he even enjoys seeing me work with his tools, I guess he likes the sound of hearing them running.
I'm going to try and use this to keep in touch with all of you, as I know what fun, laughter, tears of joy it brings to me when I read the things you are doing and getting to see the pictures of your family and share some of the joys and trials you are going through it brings back a lot of memories about my younger life.


  1. Grandma!! I cannot believe you have a blog. It is so good to hear about people's every day life stuff. sounds like you guys are doing good, with a few scares. Maybe one day you will widdle a wooden toy with some of those neat tools.

  2. Looks great Grandma. Looks like to are about to impress a lot of people with your blog. I have always admired you for many reasons. One is that you are always trying to stay in touch with the times. I just made a blog for my 40 year old friend and she is still trying to figure i out. You are ahead of her now. You always amaze me. Even mom doesn't have a blog yet. We sure love you and grandpa here is Richland. It will be fun to see what else you add.

  3. Great to hear from you Grandma. I feel so out of touch and I just don't do the phone very well at this point in life. I'm excited you're blogging.

  4. Holy Moly, what a story. It was a circus in that garage. Those keys sound neat. You sure put a lot of work into them.

    I got your call the other day. Sorry I missed you. I will call you tomorrow. This is so cool. Way to go on your blog. I am so proud of you.