Saturday, February 28, 2009


We sold the manufactured home and went over to see the family. She has some real health issues. Grandpa was going up the ramp crowding the building so he didn't fall off the edge. He really doesn't see well when it is the least bit dark. I think the MS has taken his night vision away. Anyway, he hit the spigot. I saw it and said, "stop your going to hit the spigot." Before I got the sentence out of my mouth, he had run over it and broke it. Water was squirting everywhere. They had to have the water company come out and turn the water off to their house. The next morning, they called to see if we had a cement chisel. I said we have a neumatic hammer. As the conversation progressed, I found that he had gone to work trying to fix the pipe that cracked down below the cement. We said that we would call a plumber and that we would pay for it. They didn't want to do that because they felt we had done so much for them.
Then the phone rang and a fellow in the ward had died. The new relief society president called me asking what to do, so we walked through that together.
Then the High Priest group leader called saying that the home that was scheduled to have the social wasn't going to work tonight. Their daughter was going through surgery and they wanted to know if they could have it at our house. So it was moving furniture & freshening up the house. May I say closing one bedroom door where a lot of the overflow was dumped. Then make the rounds and pick up the ladies I said I would to take to the social. I got back and be there to greet and be hostess. I made a dessert bar that had a crust on it. They said to put it in the fridge for 2 hrs. to cool before you cut it. It had crust, nuts, chocolate chips, melted carmels, and more crust on top. It was RICH , RICH and hard to cut. It tasted yummy, so I was trying to do that when people where arriving. I also made a huge casserole. I like to make something that sounds good for people to try out. There is not so much of it left for us to. Wether it is good or bad. Then if you're not crazy about it, someone will love the taste and you can send the rest of it home with them. whoylaw! everything comes out smelling like roses. Then run the sisters home and come back to put food away. I was grateful they helped me move the big items back out and in where I had pulled them from. Oh I forgot, I also had to make a run to the store, and ran into the Bishop. He wanted to talk about 4 familes in the ward that I have been working with. That was Friday.
Grandpa had one of the boys from the ward here helping him put together his band saw he bought to replace the one that gave up the ghost when I was making keys for my lesson in Relief Society. He had thought about the other one and he thinks it had lost a little set key and that is why it quit working. So now he wants to put it back together again and put the set key in to see if he was right. I asked him where he was going to put two band saws. He has a hard time not fixing everything and anything. He is so limited in his ability to move and do. I'm not willing to get down on the floor so I can see, so I guess we'll see how this saga ends.
Saturday it will be finishing putting things back in order and doing as little as possible I hope.


  1. who says life is relaxing in retirement?? You are still a very busy bee!

  2. Oh My! What a day! You are always there for everyone. What a great legacy!